Membership Application and Handicaps

Show Me Amateur Golf Tour is open to amateur golfers of all levels. In some cases, a licensed driver may be required for juniors. Provide complete and accurate data on your registration.

Member Benefits include access to all Show Me Amateur Golf tournaments for the season. Discounted practice rounds are available at cooperating courses. Welcome snack bags are provided for all players. Play for season long points, prize pools, gift certificates, and major trophies.

Common Sense legal

Participant understands the following conditions upon registering for Show Me Amateur Golf tour membership and tournament play.

The participant understands and agrees that there are certain dangers involved in golf, including but not limited to the following: Lightning strikes, hit by a golf ball, club, or other equipment, suffering from heat exhaustion, heart attack, or loss of balance on uneven terrain resulting in injury. The participant assumes all liability and waives all claims of injury to body or property against Ed Christiansen and/or Show Me Amateur Golf Tour LLC. The participant also agrees by enrolling in Show Me Amateur Golf Tour to abide by all host course cart agreements and property rules and regulations.

Tournament registration will be completed through the website and must be completed by the deadline for intended tournament to ensure placement on the tee sheet.

Tournament Check in must be done 30 minutes before the starting tee time. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a 2 stroke penalty and repeated offenses may result in expulsion from Show Me Amateur Golf Tour. Any questions on this, ask Betty!

No shows result in full charges as we pay the course for all players registered. Withdrawals in a timely manner or under extreme circumstances may validate a full or partial refund based on the host course cooperation.

Dress Code and Player Conduct Collared Shirts and soft spikes are required. No jeans, denim, jogging outfits, or sweat pants are permitted. Shorts maybe worn. Please exhibit professional appearance and behavior that reflects the standards of Show Me Amateur Golf Tour and Country Club etiquette.

Walking is permitted on certain courses. Riders and spectators are permitted as long as there is no inside the ropes interference. Additional cart fees may apply.

Pairings will be selected by the director and will include both mixed flights and same flight groups depending on the situation. Generally lower handicaps will start earlier in the case of straight tees, but not always.

Guest fees

NEW for 2020. This is typical of most amateur tours and we will now implement into Show Me Amateur Golf Tour. You may bring a guest to play in any event but a $20 guest fee will be added to register. You may only play as a guest in one event before joining the Show Me Amateur Golf Tour.

Weather Guidelines

If the course is open, we play. As we experienced in 2018, when it becomes unplayable or dangerous discontinue play and retreat to safety. We will shorten the event to include all holes played by all participants. If the tournament is cancelled a makeup date may be announced or refunds will be issued.


1 official scorecard will be used for each group kept by the group captain or agreed upon person. Must be legible, only circle birdies, and submit to Betty or official scoreboard tender as soon as all players have agreed on scoring. Any scoring disputes will be resolved by tour director and general amateur golf tournament guidelines.

Flight placement and tee boxes Tee boxes will be customized and designated at each tournament Eagle Flight 0-5.9 play from 6500 yards and up based on course layout Tiger Flight 6-11.9 play from 6200 plus Bear Flight 12-17.9 play from 5800 plus Wolf Flight 18 and up play from 5500 plus

Ladies play from at least 85% distance of men in same flight with comparable slope rating

Flight movement rules will remain the same as 2018 with the exception that if a player moves into a higher flight via battlefield promotion and his/her handicap increases to return to original flight in same season, he/she regains lost points in the transaction. A player who shoots over 6 strokes out of his/her flight will be moved to the higher flight for that tournament and considered for promotion based on scoring history.

Show Me Amateur Golf Tour follows the 2020 USGA Rules for Golf with the following local rules taking precedence A maximum of triple bogey may be carded on a hole. There is no maximum number of triple bogeys allowed. Player must pick up and assist group in finishing the hole after reaching stroke limit. Local course rules regarding penalty areas will also supercede in most cases.

Pace of Play

The group captain/scorekeeper will be in charge of time, but ultimately it is everyone's responsibility to keep pace. We are to maintain the pace set forth on the scorecard, course manager, or 4:30 for 18 holes par 72 In the case of shotgun starts, foursomes will be sent out with a 4 hour time expectation. This is in our contract with the course owners/managers.

There are no penalties in stroke play to play out of turn from tee to green. After progressing in the order of scorecard on first tee, please play ready golf!

We are getting better at pace and need to continue to focus on this. A good pace of play and our golf etiquette since 2015 has gained us preferred tee times, course selection, shotgun starts, and the best rates!

To keep the 2020 edition concise, I recommend all participants read the newest rules of golf and google search what to expect at an amateur golf tournament.

Thank you for your participation and support for the Show Me Amateur Golf Tour!