Our Story

We are a Missouri Ozarks family that loves golf and travel providing a tour professional experience to the avid golf enthusiast! Family owned and operated since 2015!

Our Mission

To have our members and sponsors be treated like pros at all events and provide the best venues available at affordable rates!

Who's right for the Show Me Amateur Golf Tour?

Join the Tour today! We have 4 flights, a variety of different contests, and play a great selection of courses to challenge all levels of golfers!!!

Over 25 handicap? Mid level veteran that loves competition? A scratch golfer looking for high level of competition from tour distance tees on courses played by the pros? We have a place for you!

Great comradery and everyone plays by the rules set forth in our tour policies. Check us out.



"I like the competition between the flights and enjoy playing different courses that change each year."
Josh McGhghy
Show Me Am Tour
Member Since 2016
"The Show Me Amateur Golf Tour provides great tournament experience for my younger clients who want to pursue a career in golf!"
Sean Saunders
PGA Professional
SWS Golf Academy
"I think this is a great product and would love to see more players join!"
Chris Matson
Show Me Am Tour
Member Since 2016
"I really love the fact that this tour provides an avenue for all golfers regardless of gender or ability to compete on very fine courses and can't wait to see more in Branson area!"
Alex Webster
Show Me Am Tour
Member Since 2017
Branson Vacation Channel
"I like traveling to and playing courses that I normally would not be able to! I also really love the fact that Ed changes the pairings during the season so players can meet new people of different skill levels! His ability to create policies that are more personalized and create comradery between flights sets this tour apart from the normal amateur golf tours!"
Dr. Rick Perkins
Show Me Am Golf Tour
Member Since 2016
"What attracts me to the tour besides the great golf experiences, is the opportunities to win a variety of contests! 1 good shot or putt can make your day!"
Ed Christiansen
Show Me Am Tour
Director Since 2015
"My wife and I have had a blast this year on the Show Me Amateur Golf Tour and really love the courses and competition!"
Ray Krueger
Show Me Am Golf Tour
Member Since 2018
"I love the new people we meet at our various destinations, making friends at courses, and developing life long relationships with golf courses, country clubs, resorts, and the staff!"
Betty Christiansen